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Tian (0mg - 60ml Short-Fill)


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Tian is one of the oldest Chinese terms for Heaven, so we thought it would be an appropriate name for our RY4 flavoured e-liquid. This is a harmonious blend of vanilla, caramels and tobacco flavourings - perfect for those of you who are after a sweet tobacco taste. 

80:20 VG:PG short-fill (60ml)
Our short-fills are designed to both support your home-brewing and to keep old favourites and new flavours available to you. Each of our bottles contains our expertly formulated flavour concentrates, combined with all of the other necessary diluents (PG, sweetener etc.), to ensure that all you need to do is top it up with your preferred final ingredient. You may choose to add extra nicotine-free glycerine, which will provide you with a 60ml bottle of 0mg juice. Alternatively, you can add 100% VG nicotine to the mixture (either your own 18mg nicotine or our own version (available here).
Whichever additional ingredients you choose, simply add them, shake and vape another great juice from The General. The below guide tells you how much of your chosen ingredients to add-

Mixing instructions for our 80:20 VG:PG short-fill (60ml).
Your 60ml bottle contains 50mls of flavourings and diluents and needs you to add either 10mls of glycerine to make 60mls of 0mg juice OR 10mls of 1.8mg 100% VG nicotine. The addition of this amount of nicotine will give you 60mls of e-liquid with a final strength of 3mg. Once you've finished adding your chosen ingredients simply shake, allow contents to settle and vape away.

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Dan @ My Vaping Reviews
5 Stars
On Vaping LH Tian. I must admit I'm not a massive fan of RY4 Juices, After some bad experiences when I first started Vaping and wanted to try out some new Tobacco flavours, I found that they tasted really false and left a lingering chemically Aftertaste on your tongue. Tian is defiantly not to be confused with those Chinese imports that you may have tried, and put straight back on the shelf. Personally I think this ejuice goes well beyond the term RY4, and the association doesn't do it justice. As you first inhale, your taste buds begin to experience the ultra smooth, naturally sweet blend of flavours, indulgent caramel delicately swirled with moorish vanilla. These well blended flavours, effortlessly glide up and over your tongue, releasing the trailing fine leaf sweet Tobacco essence , seeming to roll down over the sides of your tongue, as the sweet baseline flavour of the vanilla caramel glides up the centre line, towards the back of the throat, were it delivers a satisfyingly sweet throat hit. The exhale allows for the Tobacco side of the Vape to take centre stage, with the sweet caramel simmering in the back ground. Conclusion & Recommendations. I was super impressed with this Ejuice, Although I not a massive Tobacco fan, I found this juice to be inspiring, and a welcome interlude to some of the fruit based juices I have been Vaping. I think I would grade this Vape as more of a dessert Vape, with a touch of Tobacco , rather than a true Tobacco Vape. MVR Score Flavour : 9/10 Throat Hit : 9/10 Vapor Production : 9/10 Aroma : 8/10 Overal : 9/10