The B-Bomb

Succulent blackcurrant and menthol flavour available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, short-fill or concentrate
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Product information

The Americans created the A-Bomb. No-one really likes to drop the C-Bomb. Well, OK, sometimes we do ;) Here at Generals Juices, we have created the B-Bomb.This is a blend of succulent, mouth-watering blackcurrant fused with just enough menthol to keep things cool and interesting. It's taken a while to perfect this to get the balance just right. We think it's spot on, as many of our customers do too.Go on - try it and give yourself an explosion of happiness. You deserve it. Just remember to never cut the blue wire!

The VG:PG ratio of this juice, as with all our e-liquids, is VG:PG 70:30 and it is available in 3, 6 and 12mg strengths. All of our TPD / TRPR Compliant juices ship in 10ml PET bottles only.


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Dom - Sussex
This juice surprised me. I expected to like it and in fact expected to be impressed. I did not, however, expect it to be so darn good!

The B-Bomb tastes better than described (and the description is great!) and is now my (black)current favourite juice. Impressive vapour production and great flavour on every inhale; give it a go, it may surprise you too!
Yusuke - Japan
Japanese have no chance to eat black currant so much, but this is very delicious.
Very tasty blackcurrant flavor and strong menthol comes jumping into my mouth!
I would like to purchase again!
Scritti - UK
The B-Bomb was the best premixed e-liquid I ever vaped before I started mixing my own (and I vaped literally hundreds of different bottles to the tune of £4000 before I had the sense to go down the DIY route). So I was very excited when I discovered that Gav was now selling some of his lovely juices in concentrate form. All of his range are lovely. But The B-Bomb is still my favourite and just a work of mixing genius. I've tried countless times to replicate the flavour but have never come close. Luckily, I can now just buy the concentrate which is just the same as the premixed stuff. I've tried every combination of concentrates I can get my hands on but nothing is as lovely and downright blackcurrant-y as The B-Bomb. I'd do anything to get the recipe but The General keeps it under armed guard at all times so it looks like I'll have to be a lifelong customer instead. If you like blackcurrant, you honestly need to try The B-Bomb asap. Nothing else I've tried has even come close.
Matt Adams - UK
What can I say. I just can't stop hitting this hard. It's been my ADV for months now and I had been looking for the perfection that this is for years. I've tried all the top US and UK mixers and nothing comes close. Top quality juice, tastes great, fine fruity menthol hits balanced to perfection and you'll never want to use a different juice for your cool menthol hits again. If I could give it 10 out of 5 I would. Well done guys, great work!
Paul Talbot - UK
My Absolute favourite juice ever! Blackcurrant & menthol clouds all day, the blackcurrant is like Ribena and the menthol is never to 'icy' cold or too spearmint sweet. Perfect Balance and an absolute must-try for menthol vape fans!
Rob Pollard - UK
Just fantastic. From the first draw i was hooked. Just my luck this is not in buy 50ml get 30ml free. Still wont stop me buying by the bucketfull. Also just tried tabac bannana honey and nut (cant spell monkey warfare lol) which is also amazing so 2 new flavors to stock my shelf with. Thanks General.
Laura - UK
Being relatively new to vaping the selection of e-liquid available to purchase on the web is extensive but after looking at General Juices reviews I decided to purchase a selection of six flavours. The first juice I wanted to try was B-Bomb & I was beyond impressed, the flavour was amazing, it reminded me of blackcurrant chewits with just a hint of menthol, simply wonderful. I will be purchasing more of this liquid very soon & would recommend it to any vaper, especially if you like blackcurrant sweets.
Also got to add that Generals juices are very reasonably priced for such good quality e-liquid, looking forward to tasting the other 5 flavours I purchased and can only say thumbs up all round so far :)
Johnny Juice - UK
Started off with B-Bomb and have since added Generals Custard to my favourite liquid list. Didnt think i would ever find a juice i like as much as B-Bomb but Generals Custard is just as good if not better! Regularly try other juices but always come back to these two, another 120ml order in thanks Gav! :-)
Doug - UK
B-bomb. I’m not a big fan of menthol but this is unusual because of the very strong blackcurrant in it. It reminds me of Tunes and I think this would be a great vape for when you have a cold and you can’t taste your other juices. Great vapour production and a good quality juice, just like all the others I’ve tried from General Juices.