Spoils of War (0mg Short-Fill)

Supremely tasty Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavoured short-fill. Available with NIC shot or VG shot
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To the Victor the Spoils!! In this case, you get a great big dollop of luxurious Cookie Dough flavoured ice cream. No spoons needed - just sit back, relax and spoil yourself. You've earned it!

Each of our bottles contains our expertly formulated flavour concentrates, combined with all of the other necessary ingredients
to ensure that all you need to do is top it up with your preferred final ingredient. You can choose from - 
- Short-fill plus Nic Shot included (3mg final strength)
- Short-fill plus VG Shot included (0mg final strength)

If you need some additional Nic Shots, then these can be purchased here).


Whichever additional ingredients you choose, simply add them, shake and vape another great juice from The General. The below guide tells you how much of your chosen ingredients to add-

Mixing instructions for a 70:30 VG:PG short-fill (60ml).
Your 60ml bottle contains 50mls of flavourings and diluents. You need to add 10mls of glycerine, to make 60mls of 0mg juice OR 10mls of 1.8mg nicotine to make 60mls of 3mg juice.

Once you've finished adding your chosen ingredients simply shake, allow contents to settle and vape away.


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Dan @ My Vaping Reviews -
Dan @ My Vaping Reviews

I am a massive fan of Cookie Dough Icecream, so you can imagine my excitement and anticipation when I read the description of Hallelujah. Two of my favourite things in one - Vaping and Cookie Dough.

As soon as you begin to Vape, you get a sense of why it touch so long to develop, endlessly blending flavours until they reached perfection. The end result delivers layer upon layer of delicious flavour. Extremely moorish, sweet cookie dough delight, with crystallised sugar sweetness, skilfully blended over silky smooth creamy Cornish vanilla ice ice.
The lightly spiced cookie dough batter, has a rich buttery underlayer, that assist it effortlessly glide in across your tongue. The inhale has a real thickness to it, producing Vapor that is dense enough to chew. Delicious Buttery exhale, exiting leaving a growing sweet spot on the tip of your tongue.

Final Thoughts.....
The full flavour seem to come alive at higher wattages, finding the natural sweet spot between 60 and 70 watts. Where, Seeming to deliver a more polished experience, with the cookie dough batter seeming sweeter, and the ice cream seeming creamier. Towards the end of the 60ml bottle, I did tend to find that my Coils and coil began to get a bit clogged , so would definitely recommend switching out the cotton, every 20 or 30ml, to maintain the flavour, and not allow the clogged to mute or interfere with the cookie dough Icecream sensation.