Fusilier Fruitbowl (0mg Short-Fill)

Mixed tropical fruits flavoured short-fill. Available with NIC shot or VG shot
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Product information

First we take apples, grapes, bananas and bunch of other tropical fruits.Then we send them down to the Evil Boffins in our lab, who irradiate them and perform some experiments on them that we'd rather not talk about ;)Then we send them on holiday for a bit of a lie down.When they get back, we turn them into this zingy, fruit packed e-juice, just for you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it for you.

Each of our bottles contains our expertly formulated flavour concentrates, combined with all of the other necessary ingredients to ensure that all you need to do is top it up with your preferred final ingredient. You can choose from -
- Short-fill plus Nic Shot included (3mg final strength)
- Short-fill plus VG Shot included (0mg final strength)

If you need some additional Nic Shots, then these can be purchased here).


Whichever additional ingredients you choose, simply add them, shake and vape another great juice from The General. The below guide tells you how much of your chosen ingredients to add-

Mixing instructions for a 70:30 VG:PG short-fill (60ml).
Your 60ml bottle contains 50mls of flavourings and diluents. You need to add 10mls of glycerine, to make 60mls of 0mg juice OR 10mls of 1.8mg nicotine to make 60mls of 3mg juice.

Once you've finished adding your chosen ingredients simply shake, allow contents to settle and vape away.


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pamela butler - west midlands
Fusilier Fruitbowl: When opening the bottle i'm getting a mix of smells but a strong pineapple/coconut most of all the small coming from this makes my mouth water. On the inhale i'm getting the taste of the fruit salad sweets we all know and love, on the exhale i'm still getting that fruit salad but the pineapple is coming out most of all for me and i'm also getting some banana coming out right on the end. This one is my favourite out of all the ones i've tried if your a fruit lover like myself you will not go wrong with this one just amazing.
Karen - Norwich
My go to flavour, absolutely love this juice, easy to vape, and taste amazing!!
Always come back to the generals juices.
Dom - Felpham
Many years ago, I got married and went on a cruise. On that cruise, I fondly remember sitting in the sun somewhere in the middle of the med, supping upon a delicious cocktail. I could never put my finger on exactly what was in that cocktail, but this juice is almost exactly it. Absolutely awesome flavour, really comes through well and completely delicious whilst tasting fresh and avoiding "That Chemical Taste" that many brands seem to have. Another great juice from the General; Sir, it seems you can do no wrong!
Joanne - UK
One of my favourites for sure, delicious fruity goodness....if you like fruity flavours then this one is a must
Harry` - Worthing, UK
Taste, clouds...this ticks all the right boxes for a great vape experience. Can't recommend an all day, everyday juice highly enough! And as for the general, well, you'll always receive military precision service - always feel like a valued customer with these guys!
Zazr - UK
Yummy, yummy, yummy...my mouth waters when vaping on the Fusiliers Fruitbowl ;-)
Another quality juice from the General, the taste & vapor is delicious. One of my favourites. Top service again provided from the General. Thank you .
Andrew Edwards - Norfolk, UK
General, Sir, you're the Man! Your Custard is sublime, the Deserter is delicious, and I'm now hooked on your Fusilier Fruitbowl as well. I've tried tons of different juices, but I keep coming back to you. Keep up the good work, you've made me a very happy vaper
Nick - UK
Hey general✋🏼 Just to let you know your fusilier fruitbowl has my mouth watering every time! It's so good, ;)