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Ambrosia (0mg - 60ml Short-Fill)


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In ancient Greek myths, Ambrosia is the Food of the Gods, often bringing long-life or immortality to those who consumed it. We can't guarantee that this e-liquid will make you immortal, but we can guarantee you'll get a superb tasting, creamy vanilla custard flavour that will bring you back for more again and again and again....

80:20 VG:PG short-fill (60ml)
Our short-fills are designed to both support your home-brewing and to keep old favourites and new flavours available to you. Each of our bottles contains our expertly formulated flavour concentrates, combined with all of the other necessary diluents (PG, sweetener etc.), to ensure that all you need to do is top it up with your preferred final ingredient. You may choose to add extra nicotine-free glycerine, which will provide you with a 60ml bottle of 0mg juice. Alternatively, you can add 100% VG nicotine to the mixture (either your own 18mg nicotine or our own version (available here).
Whichever additional ingredients you choose, simply add them, shake and vape another great juice from The General. The below guide tells you how much of your chosen ingredients to add-

Mixing instructions for our 80:20 VG:PG short-fill (60ml).
Your 60ml bottle contains 50mls of flavourings and diluents and needs you to add either 10mls of glycerine to make 60mls of 0mg juice OR 10mls of 1.8mg 100% VG nicotine. The addition of this amount of nicotine will give you 60mls of e-liquid with a final strength of 3mg. Once you've finished adding your chosen ingredients simply shake, allow contents to settle and vape away.

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Dan @ My Vaping Reviews
5 Stars
Great review of Ambrosia by Dan On Vaping LH Ambrosia - The team at General Juices have always had a way with custards. They released the popular and legendary ‘General Custard’. So you can imagine my delight when I found out that they had included a custard blend in their new short fill range. This creamy vanilla custard is a pure delight to vape. Thick, luxurious custard, that seems to have been blended twice. It’s as if they have blended two custards together, to create a double thickness, extra creamy blend. This reminds me of the custard version but with double cream if there is such a thing. And if not, then there should be, as it is truly devilishly delightful. The exhale seems to have a slight butter biscuit crumb edge to it. Taking on an almost egg custard tart type flavour profile. It literally glides over your tongue. Plus I seem to have gained a slight addiction to sniffing my drip tip. The aroma of this juice is nearly as moorish as the flavour it’s self. Conclusion A truly heavenly double custard vape, not to be missed. But be warned, once you start, it is very hard to put down. Until the bottle is empty that is. So march on over to General Juices, and stock up your Ambrosia Supplies.
5 Stars
Really enjoying this one, seems to get better the longer i leave it. Nice sweet custard, not overpowering, just right.